Legal Aid for All

Caesar and Howie are committed to help all clients we possibly can in the areas of law where we have the expertise.  For that reason we are happy to carry out work on Legal Aid.  The legal aid regime in Scotland is relatively generous and it is thought that about three quarters of the adult population qualifies for legal aid.  Also legal aid is not just for court actions – the legal advice and assistance scheme enables clients to get financial help in using a solicitor for lots of matters short of court work.   For example wills, powers of attorney, separation agreements and lots of other issues can be dealt with under the advice and assistance scheme.

We would be happy to offer a free consultation on any issue – and to let you know from the outset whether or not you would get legal aid.  Just phone to talk to a lawyer on 01506 815900.

If you are not a pensioner you might wish to check if you might qualify for legal aid by using these calculators

Civil Legal Aid (court actions)

Legal Aid for Senior Citizens

The Scottish Legal Aid system is quite generous to people over pension age..  Documents of real interest to them, such as wills, powers of attorney and advance healthcare directives (living wills) can be prepared under the Legal Advice and Assistance scheme.  This scheme can also be used for advice on many other matters relating to older people.  To qualify for legal aid under this scheme an assessment of the pensioners finances must be done – but assets such as a house owned by the pensioner or pensioner couple and savings up to £25,000 are completely ignored.   This means a great number of pensioners over 65 do qualify for legal aid and can get work done for them either for nothing at all or at a heavily subsidised rate.

We can advise senior citizens over the telephone whether or not they will qualify – taking any worry out of dealing with a solicitor.   The caller will know before any instructions are given to us whether legal aid will pay or not.  This should ease any financial worries.

We also run a “buddy scheme” where any senior citizen wanting to meet with us can have with them a friend or relative with them.

If you are a senior citizen please feel free to call us on 01506 815900 and let us know how you want help.  We can tell you if you will get legal aid or not.

If you are reading this and have elderly parents or relatives – remember to tell them they may be able to get lots done for them under legal aid.  It is worth asking.

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