Our Services

Accident Claims

A full compensation recovery service including raising and running court actions where necessary. Legal Aid may be available or we can operate on a “no win no fee” arrangement for appropriate cases. No charges paid to middle men. Learn More


A full service throughout the adoption proceedings including preparing court documentation, appearing on behalf of the adopter and all work up to and including the grant of the adoption.Learn More

Agency instructions from other Solicitors

We provide a civil agency service at Livingston and Alloa Sheriff Courts. Learn More

Buying Houses

A comprehensive integrated service including mortgage arrangement where necessary. Rapid offer service and survey arrangement where appropriate. Our clients can mix and match our services to suit their wishes. Learn More

Child Law

A full service looking after the interests of children during parental disputes and any other issue affecting the welfare of a child. Legal Aid normally available for children requiring assistance. Learn More

Childrens Panel

In Scotland where children get into trouble with the Law they are in first instance dealt with through the Childrens Panel system.  The Panel system can involve hearings and inter relations with the local Sheriff Court. Learn More

Commercial Conveyancing

This covers the purchase, sale or lease of properties for commercial properties. This is a specialised area of the law with many pitfalls. Experienced practitioners will advise clients from the initial concept right through to obtaining a suitable property. Learn More

Company Law

Advice on most aspects of Company Law, including Company Formation Learn More

Criminal Charges

Our experienced solicitors deal with all types of criminal charges from road traffic offences to murder. Learn More


This is now known as residence in Scots Law but commonly called “custody”. A full service dealing with residence and contact disputes up to and including court appearances as necessary. Learn More


Our solicitors represent parties in all types of disputes from commercial contract disputes, boundary disputes right through to disputes in family matters. Learn More

Divorce & Separation

We have a number of solicitors dealing, almost exclusively, in matrimonial matters, including divorce and separation, separation agreements and prenuptial agreements. All related matters such as property transfer orders, actions of sale and division, and child welfare matters will be dealt with as appropriate. Learn More


The problems of the elderly form an increasing part of a solicitor’s business. Our services extend to acting as guardians or having family members appointed as guardians, or having powers of attorney prepared in favour of other family members. In addition, through our contacts we can take steps to mitigate the affects of care costs. Learn More


Whether you are an employer or an employee, modern employment legislation is a complex and difficult area. Employers should take advice before taking steps which might cost them dearly and employees should be aware of their increasing rights. Our service involves all matters of in office advice regarding contracts right through to running industrial tribunals for employees or employers. Learn More

Equity Release

Caesar and Howie are members of the Equity Release Solicitors Alliance.  This is a group of solicitors throughout the UK providing specialist legal service to clients taking out equity release products. Many people in Scotland have wealth built up in the form of "equity" in their houses.�"Equity" is the term used to describe the difference between the market value of someone's home, and the total amount of any loans secured on it.�Consequently the equity in someone's home, when they have paid off their mortgage, is effectively its market value less any sale expenses. Learn More


This involves winding up the affairs of a deceased person. It is a court process where for anything other than the smallest estates legal help and advice is necessary. Our service commences from the date of death right to outpayment to beneficiaries, and does include the administration of trusts set up by deceased parties. Learn More

Financial Planning

Through our contacts we can direct clients to Independent Financial Advisers with whom we work closely to deal with all aspects of financial planning including inheritance tax avoidance. Learn More


Where incapacity strikes an individual certain steps must be taken to look after their welfare. The Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2001 provides a complicated framework of possible solutions. Our solicitors will obtain the intervention order for friends or relatives, allowing for the incapacitated party’s affairs to be looked after. Legal Aid may be available. Learn More

Inheritance Tax Avoidance and Tax Planning

Inheritance tax does now affect a significant proportion of the population. Due to the increase in house prices over the last several years, many couples face payment of inheritance tax and do not even realise it. Careful forward planning, including taking certain legal steps, can help reduce the burden of inheritance tax thereby leaving greater sums of beneficiaries. Learn More


Most people have a series of insurance requirements throughout their life. These can vary from life insurance, legal expenses insurance, buildings insurance, pensions, insuring alimentary payments plus accident, sickness and unemployment. Again, through our network we can direct clients to practitioners expert in the relevant field. Learn More

Intervention Orders

Where incapacity strikes an individual certain steps must be taken to look after their welfare. The Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2001 provides a complicated framework of possible solutions. Our solicitors will obtain the intervention order for friends or relatives, allowing for the incapacitated party’s affairs to be looked after. Legal Aid may be available. Learn More

Leasing Contracts

We enter into contracts with our Landlord clients, covering what we do in leasing and managing properties in the rental market.  We provide different levels of service depending on what our clients want.  Some want us to do a full marketing, leasing and management job for them; others wish us just to do some of the work with the client doing the rest themselves.  We are happy to tailor our service to suit each particular client.  Full quotations for costs prior to instructing us are made available. Learn More

Maintenance and Inventories

Part of our full service involves instructing necessary maintenance and repair.  Also we are happy to create and check inventories and to recheck and inspect the property on tenancy changes or as required by the landlord.  Our leases request a deposit of one months rent being paid to account for possible damage during the course of the let. Learn More


We provide a mortgage arrangement service either through our in house advisers or through our extensive network of connections. Free first interview is operated by all parties and a sophisticated "search the market" computer package identifies products most suitable to clients' needs. Learn More

Powers of Attorney

Some people may be temporarily unable to look after their own affairs through illness, absence, or accidents. Others may be permanently incapacitated by the onset of illness. Having a Power of Attorney in place before these events strike can save an immense amount of hassle, expense, and heartache. Learn More


If your home is being repossessed or you think that this is about to happen, you may be entitled to apply to the court to suspend and delay the rights of your mortgage lender to evict you. This may give you time to consider and follow one of the various options available to avoid repossession by arranging for arrears to be cleared, for you home to be sold on a voluntary basis or applying for one of the many mortgage to rent schemes available.  We can advise fully in respect of these options and represent you in court and legal aid may be available depending on your income.  Learn More

Selling Houses

A comprehensive house sales service including free pre sales valuation using market value comparisons from various sources of information. Thereafter, we provide full colour schedule production (inhouse), computer matching marketing service and instruction of all advertising including ESPC. A dedicated Sales Controller looks after the estate agency process until a successful offer is achieved. We have a network of property display locations throughout the heart of Scotland from Biggar to Buchlyvie! Learn More

Tenancy Agreements

When acting for landlord clients we prepare Short Assured Tenancy Agreements – being the contract between landlord and tenant.  These agreements comply with the terms of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988 and generally are for a minimum of 6 months duration with provisions allowing the lease to run on by agreement or to be terminated in certain circumstances allowed under the Act.

These leases contain comprehensive conditions outlining the obligations of both the Landlord and the Tenant.  These will include provisions as to damage, insurance, maintenance, inspections, rent and rent reviews, pets, usage,  furnishings etc. etc.  Where Caesar and Howie act for the landlord our staff or partners generally sign the lease on behalf of our clients – with the tenants signing themselves. Learn More


Dying without a Will can cause immense difficulties for relatives. Extra expense and time is involved in winding up the deceased’s estate and the property and money in the estate may not go to those the deceased would have chosen. These difficulties can be avoided by preparing a Will. Learn More


Caesar & Howie, in all its offices, offers a free half hour first interview. This is designed to give clients, at no cost, basic helpful information and diagnose any legal problems they face. We can help clients with just about anything to do with law or business, just ask for help.


Sometimes just a quick call is all that is required to put somebody on the right track, or to put their mind at rest. We operate a free legal helpline, telephone number 0845 6024103. Phone this number and you will be directed to a Practitioner experienced in the problem you wish to discuss.