Problems of the Elderly

Increased life expectancy has meant for many men and women that long periods of retirement are becoming normal. This is a pleasure for many but it does give rise to potential legal questions. It is vital that elderly people plan ahead financially for their retiral. It is probably also prudent that they make arrangements to have a trusted party to look after the elderly person’s affairs, should that elderly person need help or indeed they become unable to look after their affairs themselves. This can be done by a simple Power of Attorney in favour of a trusted party, who may be a friend, relative or perhaps even a lawyer. It is generally helpful to take these steps in advance of the party becoming unable to look after themselves. Where incapacity has already happened, again, legal steps are available to have a court appoint someone to look after the affairs of the incapacitated person.

There are also legal questions to consider with regard to community, residential and nursing home care and it is important that people consider they may take to ensure that an elderly person is not forced to sell their house to finance nursing home care. Ivor Klayman of Caesar & Howie is well versed in all the legal work involved with the elderly and has participated in Law Society training courses for other lawyers. Should you require help or advice either for yourself or a friend or relative please fill in the form below.

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