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Where there is a death in a family this is a traumatic time for everybody concerned. The law relating to the “winding up” of the affairs of the deceased can be complex. A will may have made provisions as to how the deceased’s property should be dealt with but generally it requires legal assistance to ensure that matters are carried out in accordance with the Will and in accordance with the law. Similarly, when there is no Will, legal steps have to be taken to ensure that all the parties entitled to the estate receive their appropriate share. Again, this is a time when often there is family distress and sympathetic legal assistance will ensure that matters are dealt with as speedily and as smoothly as possible. In Caesar & Howie, our executry department is headed by our Senior Partner, with this support team carrying out much of the day to day executry work. Clients are assured of sympathetic, discreet assistance in resolving all the legal problems a death presents.

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