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If you leave your estate to your children, we will draw the will in such a way that any grandchildren would take his or her parent’s share in the event of that parent dying before you. If you do not wish this please let us know.
required I wish my executors to be (Full Name, address and occupation of executors)
The Executor is the name given to the person appointed to deal with the administration of the estate immediately after the death, who will collect papers, contact lawyers and make all the necessary arrangements. We recommend that two executors are always appointed. They can also be beneficiaries under the terms of your Will. Executors should be over the age of 16. If you are not sure who to name, it is perfectly acceptable to name “the two most senior partners of Your Solicitor” as your Executors. This means that, in the event of any of the named Executors dying, there will always be a person available to fill the role according to your instructions. The Executor’s job is simply carry out the wishes of the person making the Will, and he or she is bound by law to do so.
required My estate consists of
Please put here brief details about the estate, including approximate values. For example, "House worth about £50,000, Bank Accounts worth £5,000, Shares worth £11,000, Insurances worth £20,000, Total Estate value approximately £76,000". Do not worry if you cannot be exact. We simply need to know approximate figures to enable us to consider any tax implications.
required I wish my estate to be divided as follows
For example, "Everything equally divided between my 2 sons". Unless you advise otherwise, we will normally draw the Will in such a way that any person’s share will pass on to his or her children in the event of that person dying before you. Also, unless you advise us differently we will leave the Executor a discretion to withhold payment of any bequest to a person until he or she reaches the age of 18. The Executor would of course be required to invest that person’s share earning income until the age of 18 is reached. The Executor would have a further power to pay over the whole sum before the age of 18, if thought appropriate.

I wish to make the following special bequests
For example "£100,000  to my nephew John Smith residing 10 Brown Street, Falkirk" or "Any car I possess at the time of my death to John Smith, 10 Brown Street, Falkirk".

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